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GPX Import via Android Connect App

Hi to all,

It seems that the last Connect App Update (4.30) has broken the GPX-file import functionality.
When I try to open a GPX file with the 'open with' command via a file commander the Connect app is showing an error message (an error occurred...)

The previous version could easily import GPX files, but 4.30 cannot. Would be nice if you could enable this import functionality again (an important functionality if you want to import a gpx based route in the fly).

  • Just a quick thought. Have you tried with more than one different GPX file? Just in case the actual GPX file was corrupted and the generic error message didn't pick that up?

  • Yes, double checked with several *.gpx files and cross-checked with the previous Android Connect app version. Seems to be related to version 4.30.

    To be honest, I don't know whether this *.gpx import has been an offcial feature or not but I've used this app internal import very often the last months.

  • Hello, I have the same problem, not able to import GPX files in the app. Even in Garmin Connect online it is not possible to import GPX files. Hope they will fix is soon.

  • Hey, I'm having the exact same problem. Is there already a fix for it? Or did someone find any solution on how to import files to garmin now? I have only done it via the mobile app

  • In GC Web, you can import GPX activities on the Import page, and GPX courses, on the Courses page (please note the Import link at the bottom of the white window).

  • This is how I worked around the bug too. Import the Course on the desktop, and save it. Then open in the app and send to your device. 

  • BTW, I've just tried opening a GPX course directly with Garmin Connect v4.30, and it worked just fine. If you are getting an error, there is possibly a compatibility problem with the file you are trying to import. Where does the file come from? Could you post a sample file here? I would have a look at it - perhaps I can see what the problem is.

  • How do you upload files to this forum? 

  • Here a very simple gpx sample file that cannot be imported on my Android smartphone with Garmin Connect App 4.30.

    And here the route hosted at my Garmin Connect route library (for reference)

    - The Garmin Connect Website is able to import this file (just checked it and added the URL)

    - Connect App 4.29 is able to import this gpx file too

    - Connect App 4.30 isn't able and shows an error message (see my first post).

    I'm using german local settings on my phone, maybe this (new) problem is related to local settings -> Comma versus point as decimal separator (this is sometimes an issue on PC systems)

    Hope it helps...

  • The file opens all right with my Garmin Connect Mobile Android v4.30 with no errors whatsever. Try exporting a course from GC Web, and opening the file then with GC Mobile, to see whether it makes any difference.