Huawei P9 Notification permissions

[SOLVED]Look below [/SOLVED]

Hey guys, just bought my Garmin Fenix 3 HR! So excited to test this out on my workouts and on my hikes!:)
However, i'm having issues with (i think) my Huawei P9.
Its untested in the compatibility list, but i've followed all instructions as how to set up both devices, and everything works - except notifications.

When i'm in the smart notification-menu, a popup keeps asking me that "connect needs permissions to send notifications to a device".
I click the popup, and get sendt to the menu where i can allow the connect app to do that. however it is already checked.

I've later given connect app access to -ALL- potential permissions, but i still get no notifications, and is beeing bugged about that it still needs permissions to send notifications.

Furthermore i always keep getting "Bluetooth troubleshoot"-notification from the connect app.

This was not an issue with my Fitbit Charge :(

I've read somewhere that I might need to connect it through the android bluetooth-menu, and not through the connect-app for this to work, tried that, but it instantly paired up with the connect app anyhow, and is not visible from the android buildt-in bluetooth menu. Could this be the reason?

Any tips?

I added connect app to the list of "protected apps" and rebooted the huawei. After that, notifications just started working! :)
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