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HELP....garmin 235 wont connect with bluetooth

Ive had the garmin 235 for a month now.All was ok until the 3.20 update yesterday,since then my watch wont connect with my phone or the mobile app.I reset the watch and started it again but its still not working....Any ideas?
  • 235 not connecting to bluetooth

    I am having the exact same issue. My 235 connected just fine until about a day or two ago, and now I cannot get it to connect at all. I haven't found any work-around at this point.

    My phone will find the forerunner 235 and I can type in the code, but it never actually connects. The watch indicates it can try again while the phone appears as if it is connected, yet it is not.
  • I'm having trouble pairing my fr235 to my galaxy s5. Bluetooth connection works just fine, when trying to pair the devices in 30 seconds the device is not found. I'm using the latest update 3.25.
  • Same issue on FR225.
    Since trhee months I am looking for a solution...
  • Solution

    I was having trouble with syncing after trying to resolve my problem ending up not being able to pair. Here's what I did and it worked. I have a samsung galaxy 5

    1. Discarded the connect app and reloaded.
    2. also remove device from list under bluetooth
    3. turn off watch
    4. turn on phone
    5. turn on watch
    6. enable bluetooth on both devices
    7. open garmin connect and follow steps. You will get a new passcode and should be able to open. if I could only get it to sync again without it failing!
  • Same Issue

    Mine finally connected today after about a week of it not connecting over Bluetooth. Of course now it won't sync. I tried using Garmin Connect to grab a new watch face and download my runs over the CPU and usb and that won't work either. I have had this almost 3 weeks now and it has been continuous issues.

    I cannot enjoy it or learn more about it because the basic stuff won't even work. If I had bought it at a retail store instead of an expo before a 1/2 I would be taking it back
  • The issue I have when I connect to the CPU is it opens Garmin Express and asks me to add a device every single time. I add it, sign in, it says connected but then there seems like there should be something else to do or click on but there is nothing there. It doesn't sync it doesn't do anything.
  • This is for future reference for me (I'm probably going to have the same problem again and want to just throw out the bloody watch *again*) but I think I have cracked the issue.

    Garmin's app is EXTREMELY sensitive to the settings of other apps on your phone. It's almost like the Devs assume you'll have a completely factory fresh phone with only the Garmin app installed. All other apps trying to use your phone will cause problems.
    After struggling for the better half of the morning, I have finally figured out the issue;App Overlay.

    To effectively pair your watch, firstdisable any overlay that you have before connecting your watch. This will be different for each Android phone so google how to find your screen overlay settings. The most likely culprit is facebook messenger although LastPass was also a cause for problems.

    After that try connecting again, you might need to open the app, search, then open up your Bluetooth options in settings and manually connect your watch and switch back to the app. After that, it should connect.

    After you have connected your watch to your phone, you should be able to re-enable app overlay for those you have disabled.

    What is app overlay?: It allows one of your apps to generate 'pop ups' over whatever app you're using. In Facebook's example, the chat head is able to exist over whichever app you're currently using because there is a clear messenger layer over your current app. If you have any apps that can do that (LastPass, for example, will pop up whenever it detects a username/password slot), then it's probably stopping Garmin's app from working properly. Although this is arguably more secure, it is extremely frustrating that they do not mention it in the connection wizard of the app AND their troubleshooting/tech support does not tell you to try disabling app overlays.

    Hope this helps.
  • thanks Joshky .. finally my Huawei P9 lite and forerunner 230 connect for now :cool:
  • This resolved my bluetooth issue after updating my iPhone to the new iOs 13 version. Thanks so much for posting!

  • I had the same problem (trying to pair, but my garmin kept displaying 'connecting' for a while, and then said it failed to connect):

    * I reset my garmin to default settings

    * I unpaired the device from the bluetooth on my mobile phone

    * I uninstalled Garmin Connect app

    * I re-installed it 

    * (1) from Steetings->Blootooth I clicked Pair Mobile Device, and while it was showing "Ready to pair" on my garmin: (2) From the garmin Connect app I clicked the icon of the device, chose Forerunner 235 and (not remember exactly how) clicked something like 'pair device'.

    Not sure all the steps are necessary, but this what worked for me.