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Cellphone doesn`t sync messages with Earthmate

Hi, my cellphone is a Samsung Note 8 with software version android 9, and I have been noted that when I receive a message in my Inreach device some times, just some times, I can see it in my cellphone or when I send a message (using the app) in my cellphone apparently it's still with out be sent even though have be sent! That's mean the device, most of the times, its not synchronized with my cellphone. I have installed the app several times but the problem continues. Could you give me some advice? 

  • I am experiencing the same issue with the Earthmate app installed on my Android phone (Samsung S8 running Android ver 9).....

    Incoming messages successfully received by my InReach device most often are missing from the Earthmate Messages screen (even though the bluetooth connection to was active at the time the message was received by the InReach device).  

    Also, messages sent using the Earthmate app sometimes keep "clocking" in the Earthmate app (suggesting "not sent") when, in actual fact, they have been successfully sent by  the InReach device. 

    Is this a kown issue?  Is a fix in the works?


  • > Could you give me some advice?

    I've found contacting Garmin support to be the most effective way to resolve issues of this sort.

    These forums can be a great way to get help from other users, but Garmin employees rarely participate.

    -- Pete