Connect IQ Store - Watchface Settings – Minimizing Navigation Steps

Hello Garmin Community!

I'm reaching out to seek advice or solutions regarding the user experience with changing settings on watch faces through the Connect IQ Store app for iOS.

Issue: Currently, when customizing watch face settings (which often include numerous options), each time I save a change, the app redirects me back to the main page. This becomes quite cumbersome, especially when I'm making multiple adjustments. For instance, if I'm only altering the color of one data field and wish to try various options, I need to navigate back to the settings each time to make another change.

Question: Is there a way to commit changes within the settings without being taken out of the setting area each time? Alternatively, are there any third-party apps available that offer a more streamlined approach to customizing watch face settings?

If this feature isn't currently available, could anyone guide me on how to formally request this improvement to the app's functionality? Any advice or guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help and insights!