podcasts and music management: is it really this bad?

I've owned Garmin running watches for 20 years. Just upgraded to a Fenix 7, hoping it would let me ditch my iPhone when running. I knew the syncing wouldn't be as smooth as with an Apple device, but am kinda stunned at just how bad and clunky it is.

- For podcasts: No ability to skip ahead using headphones, no matter what app I'm using. No ability to change playback speed unless you use the paid Runcast app, and even that is super awkward. 

- For music: Spotify app doesn't let you skip songs using headphones.  Music app is a little better but requires digging out the apple library that I haven't used in ages.

Most of my problems would be solved if Garmin had a decent podcast player in the app store, but I haven't found one. (Playrun doesn't do it for me -- no playback speed change, among other failings.) Maybe I'm overlooking features, as I'm still getting to know this watch. Haven't dug into shortcuts yet, and that might let me solve the skip-ahead problem. But the playback speed and difficult syncing are major issues. I'm thinking of just returning it and just getting an Apple Watch.