Dexcom G7 not working with existing GC Dexcom data field and glance/app

As the title states, I'm wearing a new Dexcom G7 CGM and have the app installed on my iPhone (works perfectly as long as the iPhone is within 20 feet).  Installed the Dexcom app and data field from CG and walked through the install steps on my Fenix 7X Solar.  No blood sugar data is showing up on the watch data field or app.  Strangely the graph of the glucose data points populates with tiny dots representing blood glucose levels but no numbers and the main data field in the app says "NO DATA".  I started a run and got one initial glucose level then nothing throughout the rest of the 45 minute run, even though I had my phone with me.

It may just be early and there hasn't been time to get the Dexcom apps updated to be compatible with the newer G7 sensor?  I'll be patient.

  • I have G7 and epix2 and same experience as you until suddenly yesterday the widget started to work. So it’s capable I wanted you to know. I read an interview with Dexcom CEO who said the G7 connected same as G6 so it would work from day1. However I cannot get the data field to work even when widget is working.

    You do have to have your phone within Bluetooth range, the G6/7 and watch are not directly connected unfortunately. 

  • Hi - I am experiencing the same issue with my Edge 1030 device.  I have the data field setup correctly and perhaps once, for less than 5 minutes, during a 2 hour bike ride is the only time that data is displayed.  It simply provides an “—“ in the field.  My phone is constantly receiving the data - perhaps there is some type of compatibility issue between the Dexcom G7 app and the Garmin data field that only provides sporadic data.  This is certainly disappointing - especially since it is perhaps the most important data field to display.  garmin - some help for us please?  

  • I have the same issue. Although I’m still using the G6 and it stopped working with my Fenix 6. Dexcom told me that Fenux 6 was no longer working with the app. So I bought a Fenix 7 and am still having the same problem. Several hours with both Garmin support and Dexcom support and a brand new watch have failed to resolve the issue. Like the other person, the graph populates with dots, but I get no reading. It’s like the data  transfers up until 20-40 minutes prior but nothing current. Dexcom app on phone working fine. 

  • I am in the same boat.  Has anybody heard anything from Garmin?  The G6 worked great...

  • The Dexcom Widget and Data Field were updated to work with the G7 earlier this year, and should continue to work with the G6 as it has since it was initially released. I can also confirm that the app is compatible with fenix 6 products.

    Aside from Bluetooth communication issues, the only thing I am aware of that can cause the Widget or Data Field to display "No Data" when the mobile app has data is if Share/Follow is not enabled in the Dexcom mobile app. 

  • Hi. I have been in contact with your support for 2 weeks several times without any resolution.  I even bought a new watch. I can tell you that it is not working on my Fenix 6 or 7 watches. I’d love for you to reach out to me and help me solve my problem. I’ve been working with Barbara in support. This is an urgent issue for me and I’m at a loss. I do not like the Apple Watch, but I may be forced in that direction. 

  • Has there been any update on this?

    Just set my new g7 to my Edge 530 and the data screen reads -- 

  • I just upgraded from g6 to g7 and I can't get any data on my forerunner 245.  Haven't tried my edge 1030 yet but if it doesn't work I'll have to go back to g6.  Garmin support -- anything??

  • If you're having an issue with no data in the Dexcom data field or app, please contact Product Support ( They are prepared to troubleshoot and collect logs from your devices that may shed some light into why you are having issues if it isn't something apparent. They can also escalate issues through the best channels in order to find solutions.

    There should be no compatibility or interoperability issues between Garmin products and the G7, and I can confirm that the G7 does function with our apps & devices—real Dexcom users tested the Dexcom apps with live data prior to the G7 launch. The only thing I am aware of that has caused a "No Data" condition, aside from there actually being no data, is that data sharing was not enabled in the Dexcom mobile app. 

  • Hi everyone,  I was reading through the documentation for this widget and data field. The essential key is not only do you need the share setting on but you actually need to share your data with at least one follower.  This entails sending an invite having someone (in my case myself) download the g7 follow app and send that person (or in my case myself and invite) They need to follow you etc...  after doing this the reading populates instantly this worked on my edge 840 and Garmin 945lte.  Hopefully I can turn off the phone notifications etc on the follow app to remove all the duplicate data.

    Hope this helps everyone!