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what sport / session choice to use to record a training session on Fenix 7

i recorded a training session at the weekend as Strength 

it was a bit of boxing, body weights and dumbells / kettlebells 

is there a better option that Strength ?

  • is there a better option that Strength ?

    Better from which point of view?

    • Having different screen layout on the watch? - If so, test several activity types, and see for yourself which fits you better.
    • Metrics shown in the stats of the activity in Garmin Connect? - again test several types, and see which of them offers you what you are looking for
    • Calories, Activity Minutes, and other similar metrics? - It does not matter at all. HR is used anyway always in the same way, regardless which activity type you select

    And if you want to split the individual parts into separate categories, that you can then look at individually, you can use the Multisport / Change Sport feature of the watch. You can also add several legs of the same type, having so for example a Multisport activity with the legs Cardio, Strength, Strength, Cardio, Strength, if you really need to keep the track on them individually. However, from the point of the stats, and regarding the fitness & health metrics, there is no difference, regardless how you record it. Just use the method that matches your needs the best.