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Connect no longer syncs sleep

Connect no longer syncs sleep from my watch. Last sink was at the weekend.
  • I'd like an answer to this question too. It was working fine, then the other day sleep score suddenly appeared (Vivo luxe), I was happy about that because it wasnt previously a function on my watch. But then it all stopped connecting to connect. I can see the data on my watch, but it is not communicating the data to connect. 

    Really annoying. This was an expensive watch, and I'm regretting I didnt get another apple watch. THese forums don't help, I've spent hours searching and I just find a whole lot of people asking the same question and not fix (that works).

    Just wow.

  • If the sleep is on the watch, and not syncing to the app, despite that the syncing itself works, there is typically a problem with multiple accounts messing up the data. It can be a duplicate phantom account that you are not aware of. Yo can find instructions how to fix it in the Troubleshooting guide for (some) data missing after syncing, namely the hint #4.