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No training load or status, are there apps to get this data

I’ve just purchased the venu2s and sadly realised it doesn’t include any training load or status like my polar used to. Does anyone know of or use any apps or third party software to help measure this? 

I'm trying not to let it be a deal breaker but how can I measure my training stress or buildup without this? 

really appreciate any help, thank you

  • There may be some apps mimicking the feature in the Connect IQ store, but frankly told it would be much better to exchange the watch for another model better matching your needs. If you need those features, Venu 2 is apparently not a watch for you. There are other Garmin models for the same price, offering much more than Venu 2 in this regard. Have a look for example at this comparison of Venu 2, Forerunner 255, and Instinct 2 - all of them for $350: Garmin | Compare (BTW, in the meantime Instinct 2 already has the Morning Report and Race glance/widget, too, in the latest alpha firmware)