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Limitations of the IQ store

Does anyone else find the offering (of apps and watchfaces) on the IQ store limited - while still being too many?

After trying to find a watchface that is analogue but has plenty of customisable fields over half a year, my impressions of the store are:


- the quantity of watchfaces is large, but discoverability and search are poor. I see same watchfaces under ‘new’ for months. The majority of watchfaces are nothing but a pretty picture while genuenly useful watchfaces are obscured.

- fields customisation is extremely limited. Why can’t I have ‘any field in any place’ on every watchface? Is this a limitation of the developer software platform? Is this Garmin not allowing that? Is this developers not choosing to do it for some reason?


- simply very limited choice

In general, the store does not seem to offer much beyond a few useful apps and a few truly customisable watchfaces, none of which seem to be analogue.