Eternal Download que, IQ store unusable!

Garmin instinct 2 solar, all watch faces/apps are Stuck in the download que. No new apps/watch faces can be installed, my download que just keeps backing up forever, despite a complete reinstall of the Connect IQ store app, it remembers my download que. My guess is that the first app in my que has a bug and fails to install, and then all subsequent installs are stopped because of that. My watch is not full on space. Everything else in the watch and my app are working fine. And I have successfully downloaded watch faces and apps from the connect IQ store before on this same device. Again- i have uninstalled the app from my phone multiple times, and this problem has been happening for about a week. I have restarted my watch. But I haven’t tried factory resetting it because I really don’t want to lose everything. I just wish the app had a way to clear items from your download que!