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ConnectIQ App install problems

I've continued to have problems installing apps on y watch with the ConnectIQ iOS app.   This has been across several different watches and phones.     Pressing "Install" on the ConnectIQ app will either show "installing" and then not actually install or revert to "install queued".  Either way, multiple syncs will not actually install it, and the "install" button will appear in the app again.  This issue has gotten a lot worse since the forced usage of ConnectIQ to install instead of the Connect app.   Is there another way to make these installations work?

It seems to be mostly the iOS app -- a friend installing the same app using the android app hasn't mentioned any problems.  It also installs fine from Garmin express on my laptop.

  • , I have ongoing issues to update (at least) data fields with the following setup:

    iOS: 15.5

    CIQ app: 2.17.2 (July 20, 2022)

    Device: Edge 1040 Solar

    Firmware: 12.16

    From what I can tell, updates definitively stall for data fields. If I recall correctly, I‘ve seen this behavior from the get-go with the Edge 1040 Solar so also the latest CIQ update (July 20) didn‘t fix this.

    If I trigger the update of the individual data field via the CIQ device app, it works.

    Thanks for looking into this.