Ver 7.21.0 – Still Showing "Checking for updates …"

Garmin Express ver 7.21.0 has not fixed the "Checking for updates …" bug, at least not for me, despite the release notes showing this issue as "Resolved".

It seems to be device-dependent. For some of my devices, Garmin Express continues to show "Checking for updates …"; while for other devices, the update status works correctly. Here's a list of devices (including some older devices still registered on Garmin Express).
"Checking for updates …":
  • Edge 840
  • Edge 530
Update status is correct ("Software Update Available" or "You're up to date!"):
  • Edge 520
  • RCT715
  • Virb Ultra 30
  • Varia Bike Radar
System: MacOS 14.4.1 and Garmin Express