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Garmin Express with MacBook Air M1

I have recently migrated from a Windows PC to a MacBook Air (M1) running BigSur 11.2. Garmin Express will not detect my Fenix 5X. the watch is set to Mass storage and I have it connected to the MacBook via the watch charging cable connected to a USB-A to Thunderbolt adapter. When connected, the watch is charging. Any clue about resolving this issue ?

Thanks in advance.

  • A more immediate and serious issue is that on my new M1 MacBook Pro, my Garmin 520 is simply not even recognised as a disk. So although the GE software runs, it's about as much use as a chocolate teapot. I'm not sure if this issue is Apple's fault for releasing their new tech prematurely, or Garmin's for not getting with the program, but either way, it's time the issue was sorted out!

  • I'm on an M1 MacBook Pro and my Approach G30 won't connect to Garmin Express.

  • I'm using Mac Mini M1 and GE is not found my Forerunner 645.

  • If your 520 will not mount as a disk in MacOS then it's quite likely that you need to install Android File Transfer. 

  • I've just installed Apple OS Big Sur 11.2, and Garmin Express now recognises my Garmin 520, and it also recognises an external SSD that it also didn't previously recognise. So it looks like this issue, at least, has finally been resolved.

  • I notice some companies, or rather their customers who don't have an Apple Mac running an ARM SOC, often ask 'isn't it working then?'. The answer, of course, is 'yes'. If that question and answer are all it needs, then let's have one Windows version of the app in question and require users of other operating systems to run it under emulation using Wine. It would make as much sense. Garmin Connect works fine on an M1 Mac, but it isn't running natively. Any company producing apps for macOS will HAVE at some stage to release an Apple Silicon version if they continue to sell to the Mac market. They might as well do it sooner rather than later.

  • I'm wondering the same thing. My macbook air running with a M1 chip does not connect to my Garmin Edge 820 for syncing but it does with my forerunner watch. I've called CS about this and it doens't seem to be a known issue. I believe it's the M1 chip that's the issue not the device or cable, cable was replaced and the device syncs to my phone fine.

    why don't I see more about this issue? and why hasn't Garmin addressed this?

    if others are experiencing the same issue please contact Garmin, the person who was trying to resolve my issue said that it’s not a known issue and there wasn’t any internal information that there is a problem with M1 & syncing. Thanks 

  • Same problem as many here - but with Approach Z82. Hope M1 compatibility is added soon!

  • Express also does not work on a M1 MacBook with Garmin BMW Navigator VI.  Express cannot find the device, nor does the device show as a disk in Finder. Using the same cables and the same version of Express, the device connects just fine on an Intel MacBook.

  • I wonder if this is an Apple issue rather than Garmin. When I first bought my M1 it was running Big Sur 12.1 and I couldn't get any external drives to connect at all. When they updated to Big Sur 12.2, finally my Garmin 520 and also the external solid state drive I use for backups were recognised, but, it seems, only intermittently. Sometimes when I plug in the SSD for Time Machine backup, it works straight away, sometimes I have to try multiple times. I'm not sure whether it's still a software issue, or simply hardware; I bought some adapters to connect my existing USB devices to the new slimline ports on the M1 mac, but maybe that is the source of the unreliability.