After updating Garmin Express maps cannot be installed on PC

After updating Garmin Express to version I Installed City Navigator Europe 2025.10 onto my Zumo XT.

However, trying to install the map to my PC failed every time (looking at the progress bar it seemed like download succeeded, but installation failed). Tried on another PC using same version ( but got exactly the same problem.

Removing Garmin Express and reinstalling did not help.

I managed to revert to the previous version of Garmin Express ( et voila, problem solved. Did the same on the other PC with the same result.

Contacted Garmin Product support about this and their aswer was that "they were happy with my feedback" ....

On a side note: would be interesting to know where older versions can be downloaded (had to restore a system backup to revert to older versions)

  • I've never had the need but older versions of GE are at Older versions GE

  • The new Garmin Express release seems to fix the problem Slight smile

  • Ok help!  I have 16 g free disc space on my computer, gps fully charged, still I get an "map changes fail" error when trying to download city navigator maps to use with basecamp.  I'm out of ideas of things to try.  I'm not sure how many times I've tried to do this download and have gotten the same fail message.  Ideas? 

  • You mention you have "...16 GB free disc space on my computer" so that may likely be the issue.  Garmin states "Installing map content may require up to 20 GB of free disk space on your compatible Windows or Mac computer."  

    Confirm back if that 16 GB is correct and also provide the Windows version that you are using so we can help you get rid of some files that may not be necessary.  

  • Let's try getting you some more free space using File Explorer 

    In the folder C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\Map
    are numerous folders named Map_Map.NA2021.20 or similar. Each folder is 6+ GB. Delete the oldest, leaving the last two.

    In the folder C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\Application
    there are folders named or something similar. Each of those folders are 112 MB. Delete the oldest, leaving the last two.

    In the folder C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\Firmware
    there are folders named Firmware_Firmware.006-B19948.00.8.80 or something similar. Each of these folders is about 83 MB. I had 40 of these folders for a total of 3.3 GB! Delete the oldest, leaving the last two.

    Now most importantly, clean out the Recycle Bin. All the stuff you’ve deleted is still on your hard drive, it is just “hidden” in the Recycle Bin.

    After cleaning the Recycle Bin, reboot, recheck your available space, and retest the Garmin product.

  • i dont have either of those files.  I am using garmin express and trying to download the city navigator map to upload into basecamp(which I have already deleted to clear more room)  When it downloads, it downloads 100% then seems to get hung up with whatever happens after the download with installation, then I get  a message that says "map changes failed".  I spent most of lastnight deleting stuff I dont use, compressing my c drive etc to clear space.  

  • I’m not sure what you mean when you say you “…don’t have either of those files”.  First of all I told you to go to each of three (3) folders and then delete the contents except for the two newest.  I did not want you to delete the folders, just most of the contents.

    Now, since you say you spent a great deal of time deleting things last night, did you empty the Recycle Bin?  That has to be done to actually gain the space.

  • recycle in is empty

    ok C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\Map i got to the downloads part but there is no maps folder

    C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\Application there is only one folder here(

    C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Downloads/firmwae - there were three files all from the same date and time, I deleted one so two remain.