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Garmin Express will not launch on my Windows 11 PC

I have two laptops, one is an older Win 10 machine, and I have a new Win 11 machine.  The Win 10 machine works fine with Garmin Express.  Garmin Express will not launch on the new Win 11 machine.  Everything else works fine on the new Win 11 machine

GE downloads and installs fine.  When I try try to launch GE nothing happens.  I get no message or spinning wheel, I get nothing.

I have installed and uninstalled GE multiple times.

I am at a loss at this point.  Any help would be appreciated 

Windows 11 is at the current release and up to date.  The Win 11 machine has 32 GB of RAM and almost a TB of available disk. 

  • Long shot, but locate the executable for Garmin Express, right click it and allow Windows to run a compatibility check.

  • I did that.  It did not help.

  • Installing and reinstalling, I noticed that the configuration folder is not created, namely Garmin_Ltd._or_its_subsid in AppData Local.

    I too have the latest software on Win11 with the correct .NET versions. Installs with no errors, however will not launch.

  • Although I'm running Win 10 Pro, I don't have anything in the C:\Users\jwint\AppData\Local\Garmin folder that resembles Garmin_Ltd._or_its_subsid.  GE runs fine, latest version.

  • Garmin_Ltd._or_its_subsid is not a subdirectory of \AppData\Local\Garmin.  It is at \AppData\Local. 

    @6586880, If you are installing Garmin Express using Run as administrator while logged in as a standard user try installing GE with your user privileges temporarily elevated to administrator.  

  • Well I found what you and @6586880 are referring to at C:\Users\jwint\AppData\Local\Garmin_Ltd._or_its_subsid\express.exe_Url_44vgoklnmwzol3f5bx0zhrwgflwejvvx.  There are indeed 59 folders present, all around 1.6 KB in size and dates as far back as 3 years (when computer was purchased).  Is this just another case of Garmin Express not doing well cleaning up after itself?  Can most of these folders be deleted?

  • Tried reinstalling using Run as administrator and the configuration files were still not created in C:\Users\Me\AppData\Local

    I am the administrator of this computer as well. It appears as though the installer will not install those files that are needed to launch the software.

  • Is this just another case of Garmin Express not doing well cleaning up after itself?  Can most of these folders be deleted?

    I don't know for certain but it sure looks like the only one needed would be the one associated with the currently installed version of Garmin Express. Each folder contains only a file named user.config.  

  • Is anyone here running 11 Pro?  Does Home vs. Pro matter with GE?

  • I don’t think it matters as to “Home” or “Pro”.  Having said that there is also an “S” version of Windows 11 and it is not compatible with Garmin Express.