Garmin express error synching with garmin connect Forerunner 945

Im beyond self help now.  Garmin express wont sync to garmin connect.  I have a Forerunner 945.  Things I have already tried.

1. deleting the sync foder in C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Devices\[UnitID]\Sync

2. Uninstall/reinstall of garmin express

2. Full factory reset of Forerunner 945

3. Deletion of everything in garmin connect, all activities, courses, awards, ......everything 

4. Deletion of everything on my mobile garmin connect

5. Uninstall/reinstall of mobile garmin connect

What is up with this pile of horse poo  I cant even sync a change in settings, i cant sync on wifi via the phone itself.  Are your servers down.