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Server error dialog with GE

Not sure why a thread for a problem that is not solved yet must be closed.

I also get the 'Server error' dialog with the update when trying to add my Edge 1030.

I also wrote to Garmin support 4 days ago and still no response from them.

For anyone with this problem I solved it by installing the version, with it I could add my Edge 1030 without any problems and had time to 'Sync' my device without any problems.

After this GE updated itself to the latest version ( and now when I try to access my Edge 1030 device I get the 'Request error Sorry we're having a problem communicating with our servers.'

And please do not close the thread as the problem is not solved yet. and the problem clearly is not on my side as with worked.

  • I totally understand your frustration since I tried everything just like you with but worked at the first try.

    Please check your .net (should be 4.7.2 vers) and visual c++ (2012-2013-2015) are updated

  • Hi ieio!

    Thx for the reply! 

    I have the latest .NET framework: version 4.8, and Visual C++ (2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015), with all patches and service packs. 

    I think it’s not a version problem, since after a downgrade to Garmin Express 6.21, everything works fine on the same machine (with the same .NET 4.8 and the Visual C++ Redistibutable packages). 

    I joined a Garmin owner group on the Facebook, and find several people who experienced the same error with Forerunner watches, but IT seems, that other Garmin trackers don’t have connection issues. 

  • unfotunately you're facing some other bug in GE. when there's a costant pattern with multiple users then 99% the issue relies in the software and not in the local machines.

    my suggestion is to open a ticket (chat/email/phone starting from here and to ask for the code you need in order to send your PC log

  • I fully agree, this seems to be a central system error, and that’s why it cannot solve client side with registry cleaning or (re)installing GE/.NET/VC++. 

    I have already sent a support ticket a few weeks ago, but haven’t got any reply. 

    it’s a little surprising that so few report this bug on the forum. Perhaps not all connection regions are affected. 

    Thank you for your time ieio!

  • I've got a similar issue updating my Honda Maps in GE  The interesting bit is that I was able to update maps for my fenix 5 using the same GE, but when I try to add the car, it tells me it can't access the server.  One interesting bit is I ran a wireshark capture of the traffic, and I see it try to hit

    However, cloudflare is returning a 403 blocked page, saying "Sorry, you have been blocked.  You are unable to access".

    I called support and mentioned this but she basically just told me to run through the support link to clear firewalls, uninstall and reinstall, etc. and then to try a different network, which of course would mean I'd need to go somewhere else. I asked about the Cloudflare blockage, but she just said 'I have no information on that'.

  • You can find a log file in the "C:\Users\All Users\Garmin\Logs\Express" folder. This log writes also, that the problem is a 403 (Forbidden). 

    Intresting but the 6.21 version works fine Disappointed I've alvays think it's some rare geolocation based block since there is only a few report on the forum, but the old version of Express works well. 

  • Interesting.  It looks from there that the 403 is being used for some sort of bandwidth test.

    The more interesting bit in those logs are the 500 errors that show up when it tries to get device details.  Unfortunately, those are encrypted with TLS, so I can't see the traffic in the wireshark (well, I see traffic, just not any info on what it's trying to access).

    Also, I tried installing 6.21, but it also did not work for me.  Same error.  I didn't wireshark that one, though.

  • my pleasure, don't mention it, we're just trying to help each other

    as long as ping time and bandwidth are ok, I doubt that connection/region are the problem... just consider that with I was on fiber cable connection and GE never worked, then with I was on tethered mobile connection and it worked at the first try (+active antivirus/firewall)

    maybe people just don't bother finding a solution if GE doesn't work considering that also updating Garmin devices firmware can be done manually, avoiding GE

  • I doubt that a standard employee from customer support even knows what wireshark is...

    your discoveries are very interesting, I hadn't time to fully debug GE with wireshark. it makes sense that GE tries to download a temp file from Garmin server and no surprises that opening from browsers gets a 403 error

    but that 500 error might be some Garmin servers different configuration in different regions: I'm from Italy so as a test you could try to set a VPN or a proxy connection from Italy/EU

  • Same error when adding Fenix 6 Pro and Edge 1030. Contacted Garmin support more than 3 weeks ago and got couple responses that software team is investigating. Of course nothing happened yet. Tried two different PC's, different ISP's - same thing. Version 6.21 is working without any issue, but if I update to 7.01 I'm getting this communication error immediately. I'm in Budapest, Hungary. Tried these ISP's: DIGI (1Gbit), UPC (500mbit)