ANT Agent needed - Windows 10

On Windows 10 most current build

ANT USB stick is inserted

Windows 10 sees it as ANT USB Stick 2

Manufacturer - Dynastream Innovations, Inc

This is where I am stuck

I need the ANT software to run and sync. Garmin Express is not detecting my ANT Stick. I have tried inserting, re inserting, uninstall of driver also.

  • I see no-one has answered you yet. Have you been able to solve your issue yet?

    It seems to me that, if Express is properly installed, you should have all the software you need for the ANT+ stick to show up. There is no separate install of an ANT agent necessary other than what happens during the install of Express. BTW, I presume you mean ANT+ rather than ANT. There's a significant difference between the two. Also, Garmin uses the standard Windows USB driver for USB devices. The Garmin driver is nothing more than a simple text file that lists the devices that have been setup in Express. 

    If I were you, I'd uninstall express, reboot, and reinstall. During install, it should install absolutely everything you need.

    However, before doing that, can you try rebooting your PC and/or even try a different USB port?