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Cyclops Europe database updates - no longer available via Garmin Express? - Now resolved.

Has Garmin decided to 'pull' support for the 'free' Cyclops Europe speed camera database that I used to be able to access via GE?

Every time I opened GE, I used to receive a prompt telling me that anything from 1 - to 8 speed camera files (up to 2.8Mb) were available for download. I never subscribed to this service but used to update them every so often and assumed it was a service provided for the DriveLuxe 50 and 51 range - my two units both had this 'free'  update but other units didn't. Is this something that Garmin has 'pulled' without warning as the updates haven't shown for over 4 weeks now or is this a temporary issue. I'd appreciate Garmin advising whether this is something they will reinstate or whether it has been withdrawn (I'm not aware there was a trial period so perhaps it is down to the age of these units).

I know other users have noticed that the Cyclops database updates have suddenly disappeared too.