Drivesmart 65

Hi all,

As a birthday gift I now have a drivesmart 65. Very impressed with lots of new features over my aging Nuvi 2597. 

Two questions...

  1. I note that saved destinations can be categorized but unlike the 2597 additional categories of favorites can't be created in the file structure. Essentially, I can't categorize my saved favorite destinations on the drivesmart 65. Is there a work around for this?
  2. does Base camp play well with drivesmart 65? Can I use Base camp to selectively migrate favorites from my 2597 database to the drivesmart 65 using Basecamp?

Thanks in advance.

PS. The Nuvi 2597 is still working as good as new since I bought it 6 years ago. It has worked faultlessly for hundreds of thousands of kms & been a pleasure to travel with. A testimony to the quality and design of Garmin gear.