Drivesmart 65

Hi all,

As a birthday gift I now have a drivesmart 65. Very impressed with lots of new features over my aging Nuvi 2597. 

Two questions...

  1. I note that saved destinations can be categorized but unlike the 2597 additional categories of favorites can't be created in the file structure. Essentially, I can't categorize my saved favorite destinations on the drivesmart 65. Is there a work around for this?
  2. does Base camp play well with drivesmart 65? Can I use Base camp to selectively migrate favorites from my 2597 database to the drivesmart 65 using Basecamp?

Thanks in advance.

PS. The Nuvi 2597 is still working as good as new since I bought it 6 years ago. It has worked faultlessly for hundreds of thousands of kms & been a pleasure to travel with. A testimony to the quality and design of Garmin gear. 

  • BaseCamp will work fine with your DriveSmart.

    You can also create categories on it, but just like the nuvi you must have a certain number of saved places before you can do so, think the number is 16

  • Hi Sussamb,

    Thanks for reply and your help once again. Actually my 1st question wasn't too clear & almost contradictory sorry.

    Good to know Basecamp will work - yay.

    I will try entering more saved places to see if this works out as you suggest.

    Of note on the drivesmart 65, when saving an address and then going back to edit the name or add a phone number etc I can type in a new category additional to the one already associated with the place. This is what I have previously done with the Nuvi & I could find those newly created categories in the favorites list. This was very useful for traveling for work to many different towns on a regular cycle. I could save favorite destinations into categories based on their town. This made finding favorites in the Nuvi very easy.

    Do you know anything about how/what/why the safety scout and reporting of safety cameras features on drivesmart ?

    Thank you.


  • Can't help you with safety scout etc I'm afraid but your categories will show when you've entered more than 16 saved places/favourites.

  • BaseCamp played well & I was able to transfer selected saved places from the Nuvi to the DriveSmart 65.

    Just as you said the extra categories feature came alive with adding more saved places - Love it !

    I used the DriveSmart for the first time over the weekend and was very impressed with its many new and improved features. The only hang up is the GarminDrive app not connecting & working properly. That is another mission to sort.