Maps don't install correctly with Basecamp 4.7.0

I "upgraded" from Basecamp 4.6.2 to Basecamp 4.7.0 a few days ago, and today I used Basecamp to install the latest 26 May version of the Velomap Australia-Oceania map to our GPS units (Edge 1030 and Edge Explore 1000). Installs to both GPS units completed successfully according to Basecamp, but when I looked at the map files while the units were still connected to my PC, I could see that the maps on both units were only 17.8Mb in size, whereas they should have been a bit over 2Gb in size. When I disconnected the GPS units, let them boot up, and had a look under activity profiles for installed maps, both units reported that the Velomap was installed and available, but when I started recording of an activity and went to the map screen, the only detail available was from the small scale world base map.

I've never had any problems installing Velomaps with Basecamp 4.6.2, so I uninstalled Basecamp 4.7, re-installed Basecamp 4.6.2, and ran the installs again to the GPS units. This time the maps installed at the expected size and I could see correct map details during a GPS activity. The Velomap wasn't reinstalled onto the PC after reverting Basecamp, as Basecamp automatically detected the already installed map, so the map source files from which the install to the GPS was done were identical for both versions of Basecamp.

Another tick for Garmin's wonderful SQA processes.