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Runs extremely slow in Big Sur

Basecamp worked fine before I switched to the Big Sur Beta.

Now it runs extremely slow and I get the beach ball every time I click anything.

  • That's exactly what betas are for.  For third parties to start adapting their software to the new versions prior to the official releases and not jump into a massive problem when the new version is released.  Betas are for people like us to test the software in a controlled small size group.  It will be interesting to see when Big Sur is released and thousands and thousands of people hit the wall all at once.

  • Exactly. Well said. The fact that Garmin is dead silent on this means they were probably thinking it would just work without having to touch a thing.. Not a good sign. 

  • transanslated with Google:
    Hello Sussamb,

    since the beginning of August, the Heise-Verlag, Germany, has been describing in detail all the major innovations of MacOS11 in the “Mac & i” specialist magazine, so it can be assumed that Garmin, like all other app developers, had a “real ß- Version”for software adaptation. For me it is simply not understandable why an update is not made available before the final market launch, it would be great if everything would run with a new update, so first the MacOS update and then at some point the BaseCamp update. That's why I once contacted the German Garmin Support and will post the answer here.

    Best wishes :-)

  • Great!  Please post any response you get from Garmin as we're all eager to hear when we will be able to use their software again.


  • This is the point of betas. All the usual tricks like switching to run in low resolution mode doesn’t work either. 

  • Hier, wie versprochen, die offizielle Antwort von Garmin Deutschland vom 24.9.2020: "Da es sich hier um noch kein finales Betriebssystem handelt, können wir leider keine Kompatibilität sicherstellen.
    Wann es nach der finalen Veröffentlichung ein Update von BaseCamp geben wird, können wir leider vorab nicht sagen."

    von Google übersetzt:

    Here, as promised, the official answer from Garmin Germany from September 24th, 2020:

    "Since this is not yet a final operating system, we unfortunately cannot guarantee compatibility.
    Unfortunately, we cannot say in advance when BaseCamp will be updated after the final release. "

    That's it :-( 

    Das war wahrscheinlich auch nicht anders zu erwarten, es spricht aber für sich, dass das Update von Garmin nach BigSur-Einführung nicht gleichzeitig zur Verfügung gestellt werden kann...... 

    That was probably not to be expected otherwise, but it speaks for itself that the update from Garmin cannot be made available at the same time after the BigSur introduction ...

  • Bummer!  Thanks 7964807 for the follow-up.  This is truly helpful so that we prepare ourselves as to what to expect.


  • Same here.  Big Sur Beta  (20A5374i).  Basecamp is un-usable.  Spinning beachball of death.

  • Big Sur uptodate, but Bascamp still unuseable.

    You must be very lucky.