Exporting in 2.7k or 4k @ 60fps?

How do I do this? I edit a video but it will not let me select 60FPS, even tho the source video is 60FPS. I only get the option for 30FPS. If I select 1660p or lower, 60FPS suddenly appears. How do I fix this?

I've tried multiple sample videos from gopros, sample clips I found online and even samples Ive encoded myself with handbrake. They all display correctly for editing in VirbEdit but do not export at anything higher than 30fps.
  • It's not any issue with anything you are doing, or with any of your videos. Garmin programmed the user interface of virb edit to not allow 4K@60fps option to be available. I believe this is because their best camera maxes out at 4K@30fps. But you can jump through hoops to make it encode at 4k@60fps by doing the following:

    1. Start an export of your video with settings of 4k@30fps. Once the progress bar hits 1% cancel the export. We do this so that virb edit creates an export config file.
    2. Find an xml file located at "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\Garmin\Virb\export_settings.xml
    3. Edit the xml file and change FrameRateNumerator from 30000 to 60000. Also verify the width and height match the resolution you want and save the file.
    4. Open command prompt and run: "C:\Program Files\Garmin\VIRB Edit\VirbExport.exe" "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\Garmin\Virb\export_settings.xml"

    That will execute the export in the background. You won't get any progress info, but you will know it is done if you watch resource utilization on you computer. Yes, it is a pain, but doesn't that seem to be the definition of Garmin?
  • TY! Already thought that the 60fps option on my gopro would be useless. Is there any way to encode using NVENC?

  • I'm just curious...   why are you using THIS as an editor for anything other than stuff from a VIRB camera with g-metrix or whatever is specific to this?

    Have you tried other editors like Davinci Resolve, which is also free but much more useful?

    I use this to generate overlays from the g-metrix data and then I'm off to other software.  

  • So you generate the overlay with some "greenscreen" behind it and then insert the actual footage? I would do the same if syncing the location and overlay in Resolve wouldn't be such a hassle. I normally export the video from Virb Edit and then edit it afterwards.

  • Hello,

    I've tried exactly what you have written upwards and I am getting this error when I enter that line into command prompt. 

  • Hello ,

    Thank you for this post.

    Did you find extra scripts to force the underlying ffmpeg app to Encode in H.265 (High-Efficiency Video Coding) of the new cameras?

    on that XML you specify, I only see: <EncodingTechnology>eFfmpeg</EncodingTechnology>  could it be that there is also a definition config file for that eFfmpeg?

    Best regards

  • Hi, I tried your method, when I apply the promp command is shows me this error, My software garmin virb is still open, but doesnt work either when closed. Could you please help

  • Also for some reason I had the option 4k60fps but it is no longer available

  • I made a batch file a while ago that will automatically edit the configuration file to my desired output resolution for Garmin Virb Edit.  Feel free to give it a try.  This saves me from having to hand edit the export settings file every time.  I have it default to the same framerate as my GoPro, you should be able to change as desired.


    1. Change these lines in the script to the desired output frame size and framerate.
    set HRes=5312
    set VRes=2988
    set FRate=30000
    2. Use Garmin Virb to Export at "5.7k".
    3. Click "Cancel" to cancel the export.
    4. Run the script to insert the custom framesize/framerate and process.
    5. Task Manager is automatically launched so you can monitor CPU usage until the export is finished.