Any tips on connecting watch to android phone?

My kid has this vivosmart 4. It worked, it was connected to my phone and synced many times in the past, everything worked as expected. He didn't use it for the past few month, so today I charged it and expected it to sync in Garmin Connect, but it didn't came online. So I removed it from the account, from bluetooth, etc, and hoped that reconnecting it will fix it.

The watch sees the phone and the phone sees the watch (I know this because I can pair them) and even Garmin Connect kind of sees the watch (I know this because sometimes it recognizes it and then it starts the initial setup - at least that's how it looks like on the phone, and I also see the "v" sign on the watch when this happen)

The problem is that after it start the "setup" it either fails after less than a minute or seemingly goes on forever but doesn't actually do anything until I cancel it after ~10 minutes. It doesn't even sync the time yet.

I resetted the watch multiple times, killed Garmin Connect multiple times, even restarted the phone multiple times, and paired them again and again at least 20 times.

Anyone has some trick I can still try?