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Did I just piss away a Benjamin?

I bought a VÍVOSMART 4 Smart Activity Tracker with Pulse Ox to perform exactly one function for me: Display My Heart Rate during moderate exercise.

Just want to see my pulse. Accurately. Continuously displayed on my wrist. While I'm on a treadmill, stationary bike, or recumbent climber.

Doesn't seem like a lot to ask for, but I'm finding that it's unobtanium.

Should I just cut my losses at the almost-a-full-tank-of-fuel level and regift this thing, come Christmas time?

Or is there some hope that I can get this basic function to work reliably?

Any feedback -- good or bad -- is welcome, y'all.

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  • Display My Heart Rate during moderate exercise.

    For this you should be able to start an activity choosing either walk, run, strength, or cardio. Using the Garmin Connect app you can add more activities to this list. Once you start an activity, tap on the screen to view additional data, such as heart rate.

    If you prefer, you can also view your heart rate continuously on your phone using the Garmin Connect mobile app. Configure the "My Day" screen to display your heart rate...

    This video might help.

  • Thank you. I had installed the Garmin app and found the exercise options on the watch. Connected the watch to my phone's GPS and got a very nice graphical feedback of a hike. Today I'm gonna try again on a treadmill and see what falls out the other end. Feeling a little better about my purchase.