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Vivosmart 4 with another Garmin Watch

Hi all, i currently use a Marq 2 and an edge bike computer and I want to get the vivosmart 4 to wear during work to avoid damage to my warch and to track steps and heart rate to .So my question is will my data be in sync or close to it ?my Marq 2 will be my preferred tracker and will do all workouts and sleeping tracking with it ..I just don’t want to lose my HRV status and have to wait 3 weeks for it to recalibrate….


  • Sometime this year (2023) Garmin seemed to start detecting/supporting a "PRIMARY TRAINING DEVICE"  vs "PRIMARY WEARABLE"

    So it detects my Fenix6 as training device and Vivosmart 4 as the primary wearable.

    And it attempts to sync the two.


    Because the vivosmart4 is end of life and doesn't have the same physio true-up features as the Fenix, it's not really in sync.

    After a run my vivosmart4 used to get proper recovery time/load/body battery based on the activity for the day.

    Something they did this year broke that though.

    The body battery recovery on the vivosmart4 is no longer matching any reality to the Fenix activity load.

    Like my fenix right now says there is 72 hours of recovery.

    But I know after sleep the vivosmart4 is now going to say 100% body battery fully charged.

    In fact right now it says 90% body battery and that run with 72 hours recovery was only a few hours ago.

    So that's broken or no longer supported.

    That was not the case before this year, they changed something, it used to have realistic body battery and would not hit 100% after a hard run that day.

    OH also the spO2 pulse oximeter on the vivosmart4 absolutely sucks and is always wrong and is only supported during sleep, not all the time.

    If you want that feature or for that feature to actually work, a much newer model is probably needed.