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Slow charge, full charge takes several hours

I’ve just had my Vivosmart 4 for a couple of weeks, so I’ve not needed to charge it more than a few times.

But it takes several hours for it to charge from low battery up to full, almost any other device I have charge much faster in comparison.

One time I was able to get a full charge after only 60-90 minuters, but most often when I check the watch after 1 hour the battery indicator have just moved from 1 bar to 2 or something like that. 

I’ve tested the cable connected both to a computer and to an iPhone USB charger, same result. When the cable is connected to the watch the display indicates that it’s charging, it’s just that it takes a really long time.

Is it supposed to take several hours to fully charge it?


It happened again after I posted this. Before I left it for charging I double checked that everything looked allright, the connector sat snug against the watch and the display indicated charging. Came back one hour later and it hadn’t charged anything. I then re-attached the cable/connector against the watch, checked that it was charging, and then 30 minutes later it was fully charged. So why didn’t it charge the first time?