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Frame (bezel) on the belt display missing

I have owned a Garmin Vivosmart 4 for about a year.
I wore it for about 2 months during this period (having a Vivoactive HR, a Vivosmart 3 and a Fenix 6X Sapphire).
It's been in the box for a while.
Today I tried to charge it to monitor sleep.
To my surprise I found that the frame (bezel) on the belt that frames the screen is missing. It simply fell apart and missing. I don't know how and where because it seemed solid, I couldn't imagine it being a simple bad glued plastic frame.
Now the bracelet looks very ugly with that missing frame.
How can I put that frame back on (hoping I won't miss it again)?
Where can I get and what part should be taken to make the bracelet look like before.
Two pictures that illustrate the problem: