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turn off auto save feature

How do I disable the auto save feature for activities?

  • I would also really appreciate to be able to disable the auto save. It’s really annoying to need to dismiss it repeatedly. And I would like to pause the tracking while I am sitting somewhere but know that I will continue my ride so that slight movement in the place is not tracked.

  • Bump for this. That or a way to pause your ride for a longer period of time. I like to ride my bike to stores, and I don't need to track fitness time when I'm just in there shopping.

  • Hello! The auto save is defaulted to the device and it can not be disabled.

  • Your best option at present is probably to record separate rides rather than trying to pause for longer periods in the middle of a ride, since you'd be interacting with the watch to pause anyway, so there's not a huge convenience advantage to pausing versus recording separate activities. A convenient way to combine multiple activities into one (currently only possible by merging the FIT files with the activity data using third-party tools, then uploading to Connect) would help with the current state of affairs, though that's a Connect feature request rather than a request specific to the band, and, sadly, a long-standing one (suggesting it's not especially likely, though activity trimming was added not too long ago, and this is the same category of feature, so they're not ignoring after-the-fact activity editing features entirely).

    I, too, would like a pause feature without the autosave timeout (could be easily integrated with the existing activity options - save, discard, resume, and pause), but I don't think it's going to be a high priority for the development team.

  • are you for real? we go skitouring and take few mins to take off skins and acitvity gets autosaved. why this is not optional and changeable?

  • Please make it where we can disable it!!! Thank you!!!

  • We are the users and we paid for your awesome products but please listen to us, please let us disable auto save!

  • Is that at least on you road map? Without that feature the band is useless for cyclicng until you're a pro and don't need any stops on a 200km ride.

  • Bump.. Really need this - frustrated that my rides are saved halfway during short breaks.. Make this configurable in the connect app please

  • YES, I would like to turn off auto-save.  Or bump it to 1 or 2 hours!