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Garmin Connect shows real time heart rate / body battery, but no historical data

A couple of months ago my vivosmart 4 started acting up.  The historical data collected by the device would not sync to my phone (Pixel 2).  I could see the heart rate and body battery being recorded on the watch, as well as see it changing in real time on my phone, but none of the historical data would ever save to the device.

I've seen another post here: which seems to describe my issue.  However I've tried all the suggestions within the post without luck.  These include:

1. Upgrading to the latest firmware (Vivosmart 4 is currently running 4.60)

2. Factory resetting the device.

3. Factory resetting with a data wipe

4. Removing the device from my phone (both in Connect and in my bluetooth settings).

5. Delete Garmin Connect app and reinstalling on my phone.

6. Connecting the watch to my computer as a USB drive and deleting the data off the storage device.

I'm wondering if this is consistent with other issues anyone has had and if there is a process for resolving it.