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Pulse Ox, why only Preferred Tracker?

I bought a Fenix 6X Pro and a Venu for myself and my wife.  As these are somewhat uncomfortable at night, I also got us both a VivoSmart for recording sleep stats.

Switching the active device to get the Pulse Ox readings every night is a pain.  Can this be automated somehow?  Since we switch devices at night, battery life is irrelevant as the other watch always goes on charge.  We don't need to actively track what the Vivosmart is recording at night, so it'd be nice to just have it track the Pulse Ox without any user intervention.

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    Have you tried leaving the preferred tracker at your vivosmarts? AFAIK that setting is only relevant for sleep tracking (and when there's conflicting data, e.g. some activity on both devices at the same time). For everything else, Connect uses the data that is available. E.g. when I'm wearing my Fenix 5 Plus during the day, the icon in Connect also changes to it and all steps are counted, etc..

  • That's the approach I used. Since I work a very physical job, during the day I wore my vivosmart HR since all I was interested in were steps and heart rate. When I got home I would switch to my vivosmart 4 and I just left it as my preferred activity tracker. Connect IQ seamlessly integrated the data from the two trackers.

  • Does sleep tracking not work unless its the preferred tracker? I have bought a Vivosmart4 for use when I am not wearing my F6 Pro and have my mechanical Omega on. Sometimes I will wear my F6 in bed and sometimes my Vivo. Is there anyway round this?

  • I have now.  When I do this I don't get Daytime PulseOx or body battery data from the Fenix.  If I go into the Fenix PulsoOx settings, it seems to get disabled for me.

      Live pulse data also isn't shown on Connect, which isn't critical, but given the price of these devices, disappointing.

  • The other massive pain is that Body Battery numbers also don’t sync..

  • Yep, I have given up and sold mine. Will solely use my Fenix 6 from now on. True Up doesn't work 100% reliably. 

  • This is super frustrating.

    If i have over night the Vivosmart 4 and if is not preferred tracker only sleep is recorder not the PulseOX.

    If i set the Vivosmart 4 as preferred tracker all is recorded fine but in the morning when i switch to FR6X Sapphire the PulseOX is isabled even was enabled before the switch of preferred tracker.

    I don't get the Garmin logic that maked your life a real mess when you use multiple products from them.

    They does not synk properly between devices etc.

  • Same here.  I like pulse ox during the day, from my vivoactive 4, and just decided to start using my vivoactive for sleep tracking.  Setting things uo, I ran into “pulse ox only works from preferred tracker.”

    It is now almost 2023 and this is still a strange workaround situation.