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When is the Vivosmart 5 expected to come out?

I have been tempted to go from my Apple Watch to the Vivosmart 4 due to it's slender form factor. However, I know that the VS4 does less than AW and is also over a year old now. Any idea as to when the Vivosmart 5 might be coming out?

  • Hey all Wave

    Any tip on when to expect a Vivosmart 5 ?

    I won’t tell anyone I promise. 

  • Unfortunately I think it is cancelled, just from a feeling. A successor is overdue for a longer time now, they released the new device Lily a few months ago. It is like a Vivosmart 4 in a new design, looking more like a watch. Almost exactly same features. Why? I have no idea, as the Vivoactive 4s and Vivomove 3s fit that part quite nicely. They should have made a Lily as a band like the VS4, not a normal watch. 

    I hope that doesn't mean they really cancelled the band line altogether. Because with all their devices out there, too many and confusing line of devices, what is missing in this whole Garmin line-up is a BAND. A Fitbit competitor, or chinese manufacture competitor. Not everyone wants a watch on their wrist. I love the VS4 but would like an update with new features and bands to change. Like the bands from the Lily. They are very thin, this would be perfect addition to a new released band. Or an even better band exchange mechanism like the Fitbit have. Plus Health stats and maybe GPS if possible, but at least new sleep data, more activities etc. Just a refresh with modern features. 

    A band as my secondary device for days when I don't wanna wear a watch would be really nice. And I don't think I am the only one who would buy a Garmin band as second device for all day wear. But the VS4 with it's plastic band is not that nice for everyday wear. 

    Please Garmin, give us a new band with exchangeable bands and modern features like health stats, Firstbeat sleep, new HR sensor G4 etc.. 

  • +1 on activity tracker bands. I went for the vivosmart 4 years ago after my Jawbone Up24 broke. Same concept, but even better (no screen). I want to wear these things aside from my mechanical Omega watches :-)

  • So there are rumors that a VS 5 is to be set for release for this year around summer/fall, with other watches. Delayed because of Covid maybe. 

    But it is only a rumor. Still we have something. 

  • Interesting, you have a source of this information? Or just based on rumors on social media? 

  • Would be amazing if they were to finally release it. I can't believe they haven't updated this in such a long time! 

    1. I have been wanting to replace my beloved Vivosmart 4 since the band broke about 6-9 months ago. I recently bought the Venu Sq- and Considering it has decent reviews, I must have gotten a defective one because it's been a nightmare from the start. It came stuck in a foreign language. (That's been fixed) I've factory reset it 3 times already for various reasons and still the Pulse Ox is off by 10% average. I already have difficulty charging it and it's been 1 week. The only good thing about it, is the HR seems to be mostly accurate, but not $150 worth. I have considered spending another $100 to replace the Vivosmart 4 as it literally saved my life by helping to diagnose my sleep apnea, but the non replaceable band stops me. Let's hope this "rumor" of the Vivosmart 5 is from a reliable source because I just haven't found anything better and I mainly need something for health (SpO2, Pulse) and sleep tracking). Some extra features are nice but not required. I honestly don't need it to monitor various types of exercise as I'm not young anymore and walking and yoga are my limit. If anyone has a suggested replacement device- or has any further info on VS5 release date or rumor source, please let me know. I honestly thought they had scrapped the line as it's been 3 + years since release in a market you see new versions yearly. I thought the Venu was going to be the closest thing, but that failed for me. 

    Thank you!

  • My opinion, after using three different brands of trackers, is that, for sleep and general health tracking, the Fitbits are best. Apple is good for health too, but much less useful for sleep. I had been using a Vivosmart 4, but now use a Fitbit Versa 3. The Versa 3 provides a nice graph of your nightly oxygen use (“oxygen variation “) which could help show possible apnea. It also has a useful breakdown of the sleep stages. It shows HRV each night too. 
    If you’re more into a true athletic training watch,  there are better choices, but they won’t be as good for the sleep metrics. Garmin makes some great ones in this category. For accurate HR, you need a Polar chest strap. None of the wrist trackers track HR perfectly, particularly during anaerobic work. 
    That’s my take! I love the versatility of the Versa 3, and the company (now Google) seems interested in continuing to improve it. 

  • I mostly agree with what you said, but I can tell you that AW6 is very accurate in terms of health tracking (if you don't believe me, search for the AW6 review on The Quantified Scientist Youtube channel). I use Fitbit Ionic only for sleep tracking, Apple Watch 6 for everyday life and fitness tracking in parallel with the Vivosmart 4 on the other hand for Stress Tracking and most importantly for the Body Battery, which is my favourite and the most useful and unique feature from Garmin wearables. Currently, there is no perfect or fit for all health or fitness tracker out there. I forgot to mention I also use the Polar H10 chest band for heart rate reference and HRV measures. And yes, I am a wearable gadgets freak :)

  • I will look up the AW6; thank you! I too rely on The Quantified Scientist. I agree there is no perfect wrist tracker. Maybe Fitbit will add a stress tracking feature like Body Battery someday; we have been commenting on other threads about that. You are worse than me with your tracking! I am impressed.