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How to track Cycling?

How am I supposed to track cycling? Its not an option on 'Activities', so there doesn't seem to be any way to to start the tracking of cycling. I've taken some bike rides wearing the Vivosmart 4 hoping that it would automatically pick up the activity. It doesn't. Please help!

Thank you
  • The vivosmart 4 does not record cycling activities. However, you can choose another activity profile, such as running, and record the activity. After syncing the device, you can edit the activity on the Garmin Connect website or the Garmin Connect Mobile app to a cycling activity.

    The device will record a Move IQ event on the device if you choose not to start the activity timer as a cycling event. The event has to be at least 10 minutes and is based mostly on arm movement similar to the activity being performed. Move IQ events only show on your daily timeline and not in the activities list. So I believe the best option for you is to record another activity type and edit it later in Garmin Connect.
  • It's absolutely ridiculous that there is no bicycling mode but it has it as a Move IQ event? This makes no sense. A lot us like to bicycle for fitness and if we choose cardio it doesn't track distance whereaswhereas other does. With the higher speeds of cycling, it needs its own mode. 

  • from pc go to garmin connect then click on vivosmart 4 and then on device settings. then click on activity options and find cycling. finally sync and find cycling on vivosmart 4

  • There is a bicycling activity, but you have to add it in activity settings. Also make sure you are running firmware 4.0 or higher. When I first updated to 4.0 it didn't show up on device till I had done something, I can't remember if that was syncing with express on computer. I have been told that it reboots when connecting to charger, so that might also do the trick.

  • is this still the case?  the manual that came with my new vivosmart lists bike activity in the activity list - but when I got to the app on my phone to select it is not shown as an activity option.  if the watch doesn't have the functionality why include it in the manual?

  • It has the functionality since version 4.0. Check on device settings-info-software. Since the device only have 4 activity type besides walk and run (which are fixed) you have manage which one you want in Garmin connect settings for the device and make sure bicycle is one of them.

  • You must restart your phone to set the bike option.

  • is this still the case??

  • It's the way it worked for me.

  • Found how to add cycling - not tested yet - phone open garmin connect - garmin devices - open vivosmart 4 - activity options - edit - add bike - then sync

    we all need to test now!

    Kate B