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Garmin Express Connection

Would be nice if either the Express application or the manuals would tell you to put the device in "Mass Storage" mode before Express is able to detect it.
I figured this out by chance, after spending some time with Garmin Express unable to find the Vivosmart 4 connected to my Windows computer via USB.
Works now.
  • my mac doesn't even see the device 

  • VivoSmart 4 = How to enable mass Storage to Connect to Garmin Express (Update Firmware).

    1) Press/Hold the dash on the Watch face> "-" (little dash on the actual VivoSmart 4 on the bottom of the actual watch face).

    2) Then click the "Settings" icon (looks like a Corona virus, how nice in these times).

    3) Then click on the "i" icon (information icon).

    4) Then you'll see various text options (scroll on the watch).

    5) Click on "Mass Storage" (on the watch).

    6) Once this is activated on the Watch you can then connect to Garmin Express Installed on your PC.

    7) Use the USB/Charger connection to the Watch/PC to update the Watch Firmware.

  • Thank you..... it's the same as for Vivosmart 5, although in different menu => Setting - System - Mass Storage

    I don't understand why they didn't put it in the manual....

  •  I've uninstall/reinstalled GE. Turned off my firewall, rebooted the computer. I'm sure Win10 has installed new updates and I think this is what's causing the problem. I've checked online server down/up time and Garmin not showing errors. TIA for any and all suggestions and recommendations.

  • Wow you are a life saver....been trying to connect for hours ;P

  • Thank you so much. It worked for me. Please connect the cable to your Mac/PC before you follow these steps.