Batter Life - 3.14

Hi all,

I purchased a Vivomove Sport last November (2022) and the battery life initially was quite good. I am currently running firmware version 3.14

However, I am now only getting around 24 hours of battery life - without recording an activity and also the following features toggled or turned off:

  1. Alerts
    1. Abnormal Heart Rate Alerts
      1. High Alert
        1. Off
      2. Low Alert
        1. Off
    2. Smart Notifications
      1. General Use
        1. Off
      2. During an Activity
        1. Off
    3. Alarms
      1. None active
    4. Move Alert
      1. Off
    5. Relax Reminders
      1. Off
    6. Bluetooth connection Alert
      1. Off
    7. Do Not Disturb During Sleep
      1. On
  2. Activity Tracking
    1. Pulse Ox - Sleep Tracking
      1. On
    2. Activity Tracking
      1. On (I want steps and sleep tracked)
    3. Move IQ
      1. Off
    4. Auto Activity Start
      1. Off (perquisite is to have Move IQ turned on)
    5. Goal Alerts
      1. Off
  3. Watch settings
    1. Brightness
      1. Lowest Possible
    2. Timeout
      1. Short
    3. Gesture Mode
      1. Only during activity
    4. Gesture Sensitivity
      1. Low
    5. Alert Vibration
      1. Off
    6. HR Mode
      1. On

Give the amount of features I've turned off I would definitely be expecting more than 24 hours of battery life. Is there an issue with my watch? I thought running minimal features would extend my battery life significantly towards the 5 days of battery life advertised. It is my first Garmin purchase and I was very excited but I'm sad to see how long the battery actually lasts after less than a year of use.

If I am missing something, please let me know as I would like 2 - 3 days minimal of use before I have to charge again.

Any help on the above would be greatly appreciated.