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Vivomove sport stop tracking heart rate during sleep or data not synced after firmware update 3.14

I'm using firmware update 3.14. the watch battery is at 75%.
I usually turn off bluetooth. I turn it on on my phone and the watch to sync in the evening and sometimes during the day.

I am finding a portion of the heart rate data is missing when after I sync.

For example I went to bed at 1am I synced before bed then turned off bluetooth. I can see the heart rate data from midnight to 1am in garmin connect.
I woke up at 9:30am then sync at midday, I can sleep data but there is no heart rate data from 1am onwards till 11am. Heart rate data is availble from 11am onwards in garmin connect heart rate graph.
There is also no pulse ox data synced in the garmin connect app. The watch is showing last pulse ox measurement was at 6:30am.

Why is this happening, it didn't notice this issue before firmware 3.14.
Is there a bug with the new firmware or garmin connect?

  • I'm still encountering this issue, it seems to happen after a sync then switching off the bluetooth or taking the watch off for some time the putting it back on. There is definitely a bug. I'll rather go back to 3.12 firmware. How can I do that?