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swimming length inaccurate - vivomove sport

I have set the pool length to 50 It only ever records 200m, no matter how many lengths i swim.

I have tried pushing off harder at every turn and holding the glide longer to no avail.

It's pretty poor and there doesn't seem to be a help section on this topic for this product.

  • Hi fellow vivomove user,

    did you find anything about that problem? I have the same issue with my watch. It is in general at least 20%+ off from what I have been swimming. I heard that problem from other users as well (Fenix series).


  • Ditto. Unfortunately, I assumed the watch was keeping fairly close stats. I've counted laps twice this week, the vivomove sport has listed 725 yards one time, 775 the second time...I swam 1000.