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Vivomove sport replaces overnight sleep with daytime 'nap'

Similar to other devices I have seen in the forums, I have had many daytime 'naps' that have replaced my overnight sleep. It started happening a month or so ago. The first few times I just manually edited the sleep time of the 'nap' to what I remembered to be the correct sleep and wake-up times from the night before. After a few times, I then got a bit fed up and decided to check the forums and low and behold other people are having the same issue, but the Garmin personnel were telling people to report only if the 'nap' is less than 3 hours because apparently 3hrs or more is an appropriate time to be considered a nap...? The below example is slightly more than 3hours of total time. Must I wait until I have an example less than 3hours to report this sub-optimal (to put it nicely) feature?

Please see below for the example. This 'nap' was simply me sitting at my desk working. Like the other forums, I find this behaviour completely nonsensical. When will we get the option to either turn off sleep detection during the day or to have the 'nap' added as a sleep record that can then be deleted when wrong? It really really shouldn't be overriding the previous night's sleep...



  • Update from me,
    As of last week I have an example less than 3hrs. This example (see below) is quite egregious. The Fenix 7 thread on this issue has no activity for a few months now so I'm wondering if it has been fixed for that watch but not others? I suppose I'll contact the Garmin representative on that thread directly if I get no response here.