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Vivomove sport software update 3.01 troubles

The new update is absolutely useless. My vivomove sport is crashing every 10 seconds and unresponsive, until I connect it to the charging cable. But as soon as I disconnect it from the cable, it is unresponsive again. It wont connect to my phone without the cable and stops recording activities soon after starting. 

  • Same for me to! Watch went stray and i can connect via bluetooth just when the charger is connected... after removing the cable BT turns off and the hands misalign, i just got tired realign the watch hands... i discovered the upgrade after the second erratic reboot... pls do something, the watch is almost unusable... and one more interesting thing:... i am floating, no steps counted...

  • Exactly the same thing 

  • I'm getting the same problems! My watch is frequently disconnecting from the phone, I'm having to adjust hands multiple times a day and I haven't had sleep tracking since the update hit my watch since it crashed every night and loses tracking.

  • How can I downgrade the software or fix the problem?

  • Been scratching my head all morning until I find this thread. Woke up to misaligned watch hands and it won't connect to app at all. Happened the night before I go on a two days trip too so I won't be able to plug it in.

  • After many issue and a lot of time wasted finnaly with 2.65 the phone was working perfectly. Now It has auto updated to 3.01 and It Is worst the ever, It Is now an useless brick, both the hour Is wrong so It doesnt work as a Watch and paring Is impossibile so the smart part doesnt work.

    This Is unaceptable!

  • I contacted tech support, answer was quick but ,unfortunately, did not help... They sent a resetting software that does not work for this model... for 8 hours long i had a "brick" showing me a white triangle until the battery was depleted... a reboot when i plugged in and the same outcome. I think you should write them to. At least stop deploying this catastrophe and correct the error. Now i have an almost ordinary watch that shows me my heart rate. My wife is got the same model of smartwatch, but i managed to "isolate" it and it works perfectly with the 2.7 version of firmware... QED. Please, write them! Is the only way to "get our watches back"... Thank you.

  • Do you have an email that we can use? I used the email/comment section to complain about this problem, but have not gotten a response yet . I got an email confirming that they got my message, but nada/nothing so far.

  • [email protected]

    that's the address that i used... until they solve the problem (the adequate word for it is "disaster") best thing is to turn off Bluetooth connection of the watch... i know, it turns it to something that you can buy for 15 euros (except measuring the heart rate), but you don't have to align hands each time when your watch reaches the BT coverage of your smartphone... We have to piss them until they solve this...

  • Here the same problems as mentioned in all the answers. Hopefully Garmin comes very soon with a new update. Battery drains in half a day.