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At 15% Battery not usable anymore


Why is the watch at 15% already showing " Low Battery" and stopping Pulse Ox meassurimg ?

Also i have deactivated all the time: Bluetooth, Messages,  Weather, Music and the Watch burns 50% Battery in 7 Hours over Night, this cant be normal ?

And why is the Alarm Clock only Vibrating once, but the Timer is vibrating until i deativate it ?

Greez , R3c Upside down

  • Even with Bluetooth, messages, weather, music, etc., turned off, there might be background processes or apps running that are draining the battery. Check for any running apps or background processes that could be consuming power unnecessarily.. Maybe there is something that is consuming your device's battery. 

  • Pluse OX measuring is completly depended upon the sensor. So to run the sensor atleast 50% battery is required. Have you checked your pulse when your watch is fully charged?