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[REQUEST] Pomodoro Timer/Repeat Timers

I have ADHD, so I bought a Vivomove Style because I wanted a smart watch that blended in and wasn't too much of a distraction (lots of notifications and the like). So far I'm enjoying the watch, but it would be great if there was more flexibility with the timers and alerts.

I currently have alerts set throughout the day to keep track of time, and can use a phone app to generate pomodoro notifications, but it would be great to be able to have this functionality embedded in the watch - even if it was configured initially through the app. This would/could involve:

- A timer with settable active time (25 mins by default), rest time (5 mins to stretch), and long break (30 mins for lunch) - an alert/buzz would sound at the start/end of these sessions
- Ability to set number of repeats and/or start and stop times (say to cover a work day with a lunch break)
- Scheduling (as with current alerts) the timer to run automatically on certain days.

This would hopefully be a relatively simple addition, and would make the the Vivomove Style (and Luxe/3/3S) absolutely ideal for productivity and keeping track of time without relying on a phone/app or watch with a big screen.

At the very least, increasing the alert limit past 8 would allow a bit more flexibility - guessing they are defined using a uint8_t somewhere...?