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Does anyone have the Training Readiness score showing in the Garmin Connect app?

Hello folks,

I have owned a Vivomove Style for a few years now and just the other day I noticed that, going to the "Edit My Day" menu (scrolling all the way down in the "My Day screen", there is now a "Training Rediness" card listed. Although it is among those selected to be displayed, there is not such metric shown in the "My Day" screen.

According to what Garmin indicates in their website, Training Readiness should also be listed under "Performance Stats", but it is not there either. I only have "VO2 Max" and "Power Curve" shown there.

Is this perhaps a metric not available in the Style or it it dependent on a specific activity history (i.e.: you need to have a certain number of "Run" activities logged to have a score displayed?) My experience so far has been that if a certain metric is not available on a given watch, it does not show at all in Garmin Connect. It is odd that there is a placeholder for the card, but no metric shown.

Garmin must have added this in one the latest FW update, when they also added the "Sleep Score".

Does anybody see the "Training Readiness" score in their Style/Luxe? Thanks in advance.