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Battery life and replacement

I’ve had the Style which I purchased refurbished less then a couple years ago. It replaced the Vivomove HR which had the display go off after a couple years.

i do like the body battery indicator and so have also purchased the Lily for the missus and now my son wants a watch.

 Thoughts have gone to the battery and am I right in understanding the batteries on these watches are not replaceable? 

These watches are not cheap new and I assumed the battery could be replaced when it’s life runs out. It’s a bit shocking if this is not the case.

 Think my first smart watch was a vivofit and still have it somewhere. The battery is replaceable there but it’s not rechargeable as such.

  • Battery is not user replaceable. However my vivomove Style is 3.5 years old now, is worn 24/7 and battery is still strong. My fenix 5 is six years and battery is OK, too.

  • There is no watch, smart or otherwise that will not require replacement or maintenance ongoing. In the case of all Garmin watches, they are meant to be replaced. That is how Garmin make their money. They do not charge any Subscription fees for their services. Their fees are built into their hardware.

  • Sure I appreciate the need for large companies to make a profit so they are a going concern and hire enough fat cat managers. Without this life would be tough indeed.

     As a consumer I’m concerned that my rights and concerns are also factored into the mix. a battery health indicator is all I ask for here..

    For example,  Apple indicate battery health information exists to help the consumer understand what’s going on with their device and plan their purchases before disposing their phones. I think electric cars also have this. Currently solutions exist to replace the battery, but after a certain age the actual charge from Apple to do a manufacturer replacement becomes uneconomic. If certain parts fail eg the Face ID or Touch ID then there is no option, Apple or otherwise, to do an economic repair. So the solution is to spend money and help Apple shares stay where they are.

  • Look I agree with you. Apple have their cake and eat it (eat the consumer more like). Not only do they charge for a device that is designed to fail within 3 years, They also charge you for a lot of the apple watch apps and other "services" like a premium version of Apple Fitness. These are mostly subscription services. I know that Garmin watches do cost more on average, but they generally last twice as long, are better at what they do and do not charge any ongoing fees.