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My watch isn't showing the right time. How do I resolve this?

My watch isn't showing the correct time and is connected to my mobile. The time on my mobile is correct. 

How can I resolve this? 

  • Which watch do you have?

  • Vivomove style 

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  • Did you resolve this?  I have the same issue! 

  • Is the time wrong on the digital screen or are the hands just misaligned?

  • The hands were misaligned.  I've managed to sort it - I found some instructions on-line.  I had to align both hands to 12 and manually move the minute hand by tapping the screen.  It worked!

  • I have discovered what the issue may be for many of these watches. The problem was suggested by another user, and I was able to confirm. In some watches the hour hand is lightly scraping the watch face, and does not travel all the way to the correct location.

    This is easily proven by going back and forth between one gadget that shows the hour hand at 9 o'clock, and then another gadget like the battery where the hour hand goes to 1 o'clock. Then back to the gadget where it's *supposed* to go to 9 o'clock, it doesn't make it all the way there. If you do this enough times, the hour hand can be very far off.

    But (here is the proof) once the hour hand reaches a part of the face where it does not touch, this phenomenon stops. And the hour hand goes back and forth many many times without changing position. So if your hour hand touches the face near the upper left, once it reaches the upper right, it may stop the shifting. Or if your hour hand touches the face near the bottom right, it may stop shifting once it reaches the lower left.

    So this appears to be a design flaw as well as a manufacturing flaw. Not only will some watches show the problem, and others will not, the problem may change depending on the environment (temperature, position, vibration ,etc) The design should have accounted for this, and continued to move the hour hand until the desired time was reached, not just to stop moving because it was "supposed" to be reached. If the watch could self-determine the hand positions, we would never have to align them, and they would never shift. This is why the design is flawed and I am choosing another watch.

    It is bad enough that many of the color choices have bezels, faces, and hands of the same color, and almost no markers for 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, etc or lit hands...making it difficult to tell the time. Now I no longer even trust the time it is showing.

  • I have one (black version) with this problem, and in my case, It is a fisical problem. I oppened it and force the hour hand a little and the problem solved. I'm finding a good glue to close it again.