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Failure to Display Activity in APP's Daily Home Screen

I frequently do 2 activities when I train one after the other. However, there appears to be a bug. If I do my activities away form the App (my phone) and save each one and then reconnect to the APP (my phone) both activities are recorded and appear on the Daily Home Screen. However, if I fail to save the second one before my watch connects back with the APP (my phone) the activity is lost This happens even if you save it immediately after the connection is made. It has gone. I have retried this many times and the results are 100% consistent. The second activity is lost. Info such as steps, intensity minutes etc. are recording and included in your ongoing total but no activity detail.

Can this be fixed? Is it something to report to Garmin? I am living with it and keep reminding myself to go nowhere near to my phone until the second activity is saved.

  • I have exactly the same problem. Anyone got a suggestion? This is quiet a common issue.

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  • After contacting Garmin support and several email communications I finally got this as the definitive answer.

    I responded to it for what good it did as I have received nothing further.

    Here it is for what it’s worth……


    From: [email protected] <[email protected]>

    Sent: 30 June 2022 16:15

    I would say this is by design. I would recommend making sure you save your activity before you sync your device to Garmin Connect, or if you are in close range of your mobile, please make sure you: finish your first activity, sync your device, and then move on to the 2nd activity.


    My response

    Why would any of your customers want to lose their activities by design? I don’t think so. If I asked 100 Garmin users would they like to lose their activities by design after buying a fitness watch? I think 100 would say no. I would have preferred an answer that accepts the problem, acknowledges it and then either says you are going to ask programmers to fix it for the future or be up front and say I’m sorry nothing can be done as it is has been decided on this occasion it affects so few that unfortunately nothing can be done.

    Your solutions are exactly what I said to you I have to do. I had actually figured this out to ensure I did not lose my activity. I was living with it but it is a chore and sometimes I forget. This is annoying as it completely changes my stats. My primary purpose for contacting you was to advise you of the bug and to allow you to improve your products, which would appear you are not that interested in.

    Unfortunately, it seems my efforts has fallen on deaf ears and my fitness goals will have to continue to be more difficult than they should be since you don’t consider it worthy of a fix. This is what if you were honest, in my opinion, should have been your reply.

    This may be part of my consideration in future purchases. Kind regards