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gesture turned off but screen waking up when shaking wrist

I have the exact same problem as mentioned in [1].. Just bought the vivomove style and it keeps turning on quite often when i move my wrist (twisting motion) or adjust the watch on the wrist (without touching the display).. The older vivomove (~2019) were working fine in this way, no problem whatsoever.. Please fix this..

Another problem is the responsivenes of the display - it does not recognize single touch (menu select) and usually moves to another option.. very annoying

SW version 4.50


  • yeah.. my watch have same problem. When I ride motorcycle, slap hands, etc the display turns on. It Is like double tap has desactivated in the firmware software. Garmin never solved this Issue. 

    About responsivenes of the display, it is another problem. The "sensing" is very poor. double tap, single tap, swap, not work good. When I try to enter in options, the menu swipe to another option (not aways). 

    The human interaction with the screen touch of this watch is very poor, but I like the "analog and simple design". This is the reason I not sell this watch yet.

  • Yes, but it does not have to be.. My previous vivomove HR (the older ones with simpler display) were working as I would expect - the response was precise, the double tap worked as it should.. I would realy appreciate if they would just use their old code, which worked as it should!

  • . I would realy appreciate if they would just use their old code                                                              MyCVSHR