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Which band are you using?

Hello fellow Vivomove users

Which band are you using for your watch? I have the black vivomove style with the original nylon band, I have a vague memory of ordering a silicon band when I got the watch but returning it because the colour of the band didn't match the colour of the watch, it was pretty ugly.

Now the nylon band has started fraying to the point it's actually ruining the inside of the arm on my sweaters so I should get a new band, but I have nowhere to go and compare the colours. It's a good looking watch otherwise and deserves a better looking band.

What are your recommendations?

  • I use two leather straps. One in dark brown and one in black. It gives a completely different watch that looks great.

    I have never used the included one in nylon.

  • I have four silicon bands: moss green (the original that came with the watch), blue, white and black (the latter a left over from my old Vivomove HR). 

    The Style I have now is silver aluminum, so I do not have the color match problem with the case. However, I do not recall a noticeable color mismatch between the black silicon band and the black case of the old Vivomove HR. Being the material different, a slight mismatch is inevitable, but it wasn't "ugly".

    Some of the other Garmin watches, like for example the Forerunner 245 my son has, come with a black case and either black or slate band. He got the one with the slate band. It gives a two-tone appearance that is not too bad, as opposed to a black that might be close to the body color but not quite the same.